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Enterprise CENTAR, shareholding company, private ownership, located in Belgrade, capital town of Serbia, was established  in the year of 1987.

The company has its place in wood processing industry, with the suitable equipment for wood processing from preparation timbers, drying, cutting to production of elements according to a required specification.

A basic activities is building of classic houses, as well as, wooden prefabricated houses, luxury villas, bungalows, log houses, warehouses and other facilities.

Make your dreams come true with us!

A production plant is located on a private property in the town of Bajina Basta situated on a bank of the river Drina and slopes of the Tara, one of the most beautiful mountain of Serbia (1000-1200 m above the sea level), which represents a unique example of untouched nature rich with forests and other natural beauties.

The river Drina, an official border between Serbia and Bosnian Federation, connects the CENTAR production plant and area abounding with good quality and diverse wood material raw material, which significantly decreases delivery costs.