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In the yard of factory CENTAR exist infrastructure for wood production, meaning, there are building, working and manipulating Area, Electrical Power and Water supply. Also, in the Company, exist machine, tools and other equipment necessary for cutting trunks, drying wood elements, and finally production various softwood boards and other elements for constructing as following:

  • Saw mill with continually saw wheel, diameter 1000 mm;

  • Condensation drying plant capacity 80 m³ of cute planks in one turnover;

  • Four-side milling machine with 7 spindles produced by “Gabbiany”;

  • Circular saw produced by domestic factory;

  • Leveling machine with knifes - width 510 mm produced by domestic company;

  • Diht – machine (made desired thickness) with knifes – width 610 mm;

  • Horizontally formatting machine with 2 vertical spindle and circular saw;

  • One-plate vertical cooled press with worked field 2,5 x 1,45 meter;

  • Continuously connecting machine;

  • Vertical two-sided tight band grindstone machine produced by “Maweg” with max width working part of 1700 mm.

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